XX|LA Architecs Podcast by Audrey Sato


Small Business Round Table - Tagliaferri Architects, HH Designs and Sato Architects

A show featuring Los Angeles' leading women in architecture and discussing relevant issues in the profession. Episodes have two formats: interview features or issue-specific episodes. The goal of the podcast is to promote equity in the profession and create a community for feminist architects.

Episode 4 of the XX|LA Architects Podcast features an informal round table discussion on the topic of starting a small architecture business.  Architects and entrepreneurs HarperHalprin of HH Design, Luciana Tagliaferri of Tagliaferri Architects, and host Audrey Sato of Sato Architects discuss the ups and downs of starting their own practices, including topics like getting work, how we knew we were ready to go it alone, work/life balance, contracts, and diversification. 

XX|LA Architects Podcast

XX|LA Architects Podcast

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